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Paricus offers a diversity of cost-effective support services, tailored to the needs of our clients. Allow us to evaluate your needs and establish the right combination of support and resources to ensure success.

Inbound Contact Center

Multiple channel solutions, managed by an experienced workforce, are available to support client engagement for your service and sales needs. 

Outbound Contact Center

Professionally delivered automated or associate led engagement can be tailored to support outreach efforts, whether targeted at limited initiatives or recurring opportunities.

Relationship Management

Build upon and strengthen an established client base to both activate and deepen relationships across a engaged audience.

Bilingual Services

In-language solutions, provided in English and Spanish, can deliver a stronger, more meaningful engagement to a broader segment of clients.


Client-sensitive, cost recovery approaches are paired with experienced associates to facilitate greater opportunities for collection. 


Targeted, personalized campaigns are developed to maximize each contact, allowing for stronger close rates and greater revenue capture.

Marketing Campaigns

Custom and flexible marketing strategies, utilizing tradition and new media, driven to increase market penetration and customer acquisition.

Toll-Free Disaster Recovery

Multi-carrier, independent disaster recovery solutions are available to mitigate outage downtime and ensure minimal client impacts.

Compliance Support Services

Prevent financial, regulatory, or reptutational risks with an emphasis on detailed and accurate execution of compliance requirements by well- qualified, trained professionals.

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